Sunday, 14 April 2013

New RTE One Programme and Comedian Visits the Ullans Centre

Our Friends In The North

Northern comedian and writer Kevin McAleer returns to RTÉ Television with a four-part series, Our Friends In The North, in which he attempts to discover the heart and soul of Ulster Scots. On a road-trip through North Antrim, Donegal, Monaghan and County Down, he tries to determine who the Ulster Scots are and what their culture is like.

On his travels, McAleer encounters those who feel more at home in Scotland than Ireland, those who proudly wear the kilt and listen to Scottish music, and those who use the "Hamely Tongue". But with a "Mc" in his own surname, is it possible that Kevin himself might even have some Ulster Scots in his system?

This is an emotive and over-due journey for Kevin. Raised in Ulster, he has spent over fifty years being largely oblivious to the world of Ulster Scots. In attempting to find out more about a "tribe" he has heard much of but knows nothing about, he meets a variety of people who tell him how much their Scottish ancestry means to them.

At the end of this short series, he performs a stand-up routine to an audience comprised entirely of Ulster Scots. Will Kevin McAleer's humour and deadpan delivery transcend the many cultural differences he encounters throughout the series ?

Our Friends in the North is produced for RTÉ by Tern Television in Belfast with support from Northern Ireland Screen's Ulster-Scots Broadcast Fund.

RTE one Monday nights from 7.30pm. Watch out for an appearance from the Ullans centre and fuse fm.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Website

We have now launched our new website. It incorporates all our social media like Facebook & Twitter. We also have information on the services and products we provide.

At present the website is only available in English but the plan is to have it also available in Ulster Scots by the middle of 2013.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Ullans Speakers Association Membership 2013

Membership is vital to show the ongoing support for the Ulster-Scots Culture, Heritage and Language. As a member you will receive the latest publications and newsletters before anyone else plus invitations to all our events and public meetings including the AGM. Ullans Speakers Association Membership

Kingdom of Dalriada Ulster Scots Society Burns Supper 2013

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Finn McCool - Ulster Greatest Giant

Anyone that has grew up around the North Coast and even though-out Ulster is aware of the storie of Finn McCool. This book is the Ullans Speakers Association's take on this traditional Myth aimed at small children but even makes a great (if short read) for adults too. 

Contain the storie written in Ulster Scots with the English translation provided at the back. Also contains some great drawings to accomply the storie.

To get your FREE copy of this book contact the Ullans Centre.

'A Ripple in the Pond' The story of the Pro Home Rule Movement in North Antrim

A lot has been said in 2012 about the Ulster Covenant and the anti-home rule movement in Ulster but little has been made of the revolt in North Antrim against the Ulster Covenant.

The Ulster Scots heartland of North Antrim is arguably the last place one would expect to be the nerve centre of a rebellion against those who wished to be an integral part of the United Kingdom - or is it?

Throughout the ages, a strain of radical Presbyterianism within the Ulster Scots community has emerged to take issue with British mainland authority, particularly in north Antrim. In America, County Antrim preacher, Rev William Martin, encouraged his congregation of Ulster Scots Presbyterians drawn mainly from north Antrim, to fight against Britain in the War of Independence. A few years later, county Antrim was a hotbed of dissent which led hundreds, if not thousands, to fight for the United Irishmen, in particular the men of the Kilraughts, Kilmoyle and Ballymoney areas.

Perhaps it was this sense of history that led a number of Presbyterians headed in the main by Rev JB Armour to form an alliance against the anti - Home Rule Movement. This book seeks to explain the causes and outcomes of this 'revolt' in this, the centenary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant.

For your free copy please contact the Ullans Centre.